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An old piano is being refurbished and painted with imagery that encapsulates the spirit of Red Cliffs by local artist Carol Luscombe to celebrate the town’s Centenary this year.

Acquired from the Red Cliffs Club 18 months ago, the piano currently sits at the front of the Red Cliffs Community Centre and will be a moveable piece of art.

“We’re pretty sure the piano is from the original Red Cliffs Dance Hall, so it could very well be of Centenary age,” Red Cliffs Community Centre co-ordinator Joanne Farrell said.

“We didn’t quite know what to do with it at first but it was decided that we’d display historical and iconic images of Red Cliffs on it and have it as a moveable piece of art which people can not only admire but also play.”

One part of the piano displays the historic buildings and the cliffs which make the town special, while other areas on the piano are dedicated to birdlife, animals and agriculture.

Carol and Joanne are also intending to involve some Indigenous artists to add their sense of place and history to the piece, as a way of acknowledging the traditional owners of the land.

In addition, the piece will feature some words about the town near the keys.

“I know how enthusiastic Joanne is about Red Cliffs and when she told me about the idea, I just started doing it,” Carol said.

“I moved to Red Cliffs 20 years ago and I just love it – the whole area. I’ve done art my whole life.
“I’m so happy to be part of the Red Cliffs community and to have a go at things, I’ve really been enjoying this project.”

Carol said the piano has caught the attention of many people young and old, partly due to how colourful and unique it is.

“People notice it and drop in to have a look at it, which has been great, it’s something different,” she said.

“They’re interested in the playability too but it’s also here to remind people a bit of the past and the present of Red Cliffs.”

The piano will remain at the front of the Red Cliffs Community Centre while it is being completed and members of the public are welcome to go in and have a look.

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