RCCRC: The community hub of Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre Board and Staff

Joanne Farrell

Executive Officer

Vashti Aratangi

Receptionist / Volunteer Program Assistant / Adult Education Tutor

James Jarvis

IT and Administration Volunteer

Receptionist/ Volunteer Program Assistant / Adult Education Tutor

Vashti Aratangi

The Red Cliffs community and district is rich with events and festivities. Have a look at our calendar, you’ re sure to find something that interests you.

Committee of Management

President: Ms Carolyn Kowski Vice President: Mrs Deb Dark Treasurer: Leanne Jarvis Secretary/ Public Officer: Mrs Amber Byrnes

Committee of Management Members

Mrs Ann Duck
Mr Peter Nancarrow
Mr Tony Lyons
Mr David Lloyd

Volunteer Coordinator and Digital Tutor

Vashti Aratangi

Volunteers - Past and Present

Kate Smyth, Sandra Burton, Carley Bath, James Jarvis, Tania Pearce, Rita Chase, Peter Christian, Karolina Stratford, David Berry, Kevin Farrell and David Lloyd.