Red Cliffs Men’s Shed. 
Building……… A Community.

Mission: To provide a welcoming environment for men from Red Cliffs and surrounds who are from all walks of life where they can socialise and enjoy a wide range of activities.

When most people think of a men’s shed, they imagine retired granddads, building and creating. 

Though at the shed, men craft more than toys and furniture – they construct a supportive community and so much more.

Located at the Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre, a purpose build workshop is only one feature of the  Men’s Shed. There is also an all access kitchen “social hub”, where men can enjoy cooking activities whilst biting into constructive discussions.

Between the workshop and the kitchen area is a courtyard garden area where blokes discuss the best growing formulas and cultivate the rewards of their labour as their plants flourish.

Members come from all walks of life–the bond that unites them is that they are men with time on their hands who would like something meaningful to do with that time.

Governed by the Australian Men’s Shed Association (Member: AMSA101238), Red Cliffs Men’s Shed belongs to a group of around a thousand Men’s Sheds nationally. 

By giving men meeting places where they can be productive and find camaraderie, men’s sheds are powerful tools in helping men become happier and healthier.

The Red Cliffs Men’s Shed has designated times for men to work on their projects.

Contact the Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre if you would like to get involved.

Men's Sheds 'are the place to be'

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