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Red Cliff’s Food Share

Sharing food with people in need.

Red Cliff’s is proud to launch the “Red Cliffs Food Share”. 

This is a partnership of community food relief organizations assisting with food relief

specifically for Red Cliffs and its surrounding communities.

 Food security is a major ongoing problem in the Sunraysia region. 

This project is to assist in coordinating food relief so that the people that really require it can access it in their own local community.

Made up of the Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre, RENEW (Anglican diocese), Church of Christ and Diggerland community services.

Working closely with Mildura Food Share at SMECC and Food Bank.

Funds from the Victorian State Government’s “Community Food Relief Fund 2020 -2021”, have been utilized to purchase commercial fridges and a mobile cool room that is used to safely store fresh, donated food. This food is then distributed to people in need. Learn to cook programs will commence in 2022, to teach people how to produce fresh, healthy, and cost effective meals.

CDC Mildura is a major sponsor by assisting with the annual running costs of the mobile cool room. We thank them for their support.

RCCRC EO Mrs Joanne Farrell and CDC Mildura Operations Manager Michael Wade with the mobile cool room used for safely storing fresh food.

We are accepting donations of fresh or ambient food. These can be from growers, home gardeners or retailers. If you wish to donate food or even a financial contribution, contact the project lead – Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre 

Phone: 03 50243455. Email

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