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Red Cliffs Connections – October 2022 edition

October is full of activity!! 

Highlights include a walking group for Red Cliffs facilitated by Sunraysia  Community Health Services   . The starting point will be RCCRC 8:15am on Wednesdays, from the 5th October. 

The group will walk from 8:30 – 9:30 am and catch up for a cuppa and snack after the walk.

The Victorian Seniors Festival is taking place in October. Check out the complete festival timetable for Sunraysia at the following link: 2022 Seniors Festival – throughout October

Empowering Womens Month is also a biggy!! This month is to celebrate every woman and all their successes, to promote their safety, to inspire them and their dreams, to embrace their wants and needs while understanding they are uniquely, wonderfully and beautifully female.


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